At the End of a Rainbow

A rainbow appeared on our kitchen floor this morning. Mom pointed out the different colors in order. She was a bit off, though. She got one color wrong and missed another. Read More...

Fun-Filled Saturday

Joshua's mother worked with Mom before I was born. We went to his birthday party and had lots of fun. They had a neat bubble machine that blew little bubbles inside gigantic bubbles. Read More...

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

A kitty has taken residence in one of the plumbing access crawl spaces in the side of our house. Dad spent some time bent over the access panel pleading the kitty to come out. He kept on saying, "Here kitty kitty kitty. Meow. Meow Meow." Read More...


So another weekend another party. We celebrated Ingrid's birthday at a park in South Pasadena. It was a perfect day for an outdoor party. We ate chips and cookies and other delicious snacks. When it was time to sing 'happy birthday' and eat cake, we were surprised with our own birthday cupcakes.

Say Cheese

So since I started blogging about my normal day happenings, Mom and Dad have been following me around with a camera 24/7. I can't pick my nose without having a camera stuck in my face and asking me to smile. So I figure I'll just give my best smile and hope they go away as soon as possible. Read More...

Easter Weekend

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday, we went to visit my grandfather's grave site. Mom tells me that he was a hard-working man who loved God very much.

Save the World

If you've never watched the TV series Heroes, it's about a group of people who have mutated DNA that gives them special powers such as healing, hearing people's thoughts, and flying. I don't watch it myself. I can only watch Sesame Street, Arthur, Clifford, and Curious George. I watched a little bit of the the Doodle Bops, but that's another story. Read More...

Birthday Coming Up!

I’ve been going to a lot of birthday parties these past couple of months. Several of my friends in my playgroup have just turned two, and I had a blast at each of their parties. Read More...

A Day with Dad

Today Dad went to “school” with Mom and me. “School” is a parent education class that Mom and I go to on Mondays. It usually start out with some free time. Read More...

My Cousin Joshua

My cousin Joshua is 5 months younger than I am. After reading his blog, I got inspired to start a record of my daily thoughts, things that happen to me, things that I begin to do, and how I’m driving my parents crazy. Read More...