My Cousin Joshua

My cousin Joshua is 5 months younger than I am. After reading his blog, I got inspired to start a record of my daily thoughts, things that happen to me, things that I begin to do, and how I’m driving my parents crazy.
This week, my dad will be home because, he is on spring break. It’s not much of a break, though, because we have a lot of things to do. Most importantly, we have to get ready for my baby brother, Zachary, who will be coming around June.
I’m slowly starting to get how it works. At first, when Mom told me that there was a baby in her belly, I thought that there were babies in everyone’s belly. I pointed to my belly and said, “Baby inside.” Then I pointed to Dad’s belly and said, “Baby inside.” Dad just laughed. I think now that the baby is only in Mom’s belly. Lately Mom’s belly has grown quite big and often wishes out loud that the Zachary would come out of her belly. I encourage him to come out once in a while by saying, “Mommy go hospital. Zachary come out!”