Last Days of Summer

The last days of summer are coming and going, and we're trying to squeeze in as much as we can before Dad goes back to school. Here we tasted the fine cuisine at the Beverly Center. Read More...

Things I Learned from Ye Ye and Ah Ma

Here are some things that I learned the last two weeks from Ye Ye and Ah Ma. Read More...

Oh My Boy

A commenter asked about a favorite phrase of mine, 'Oh my boy!' Read More...

Tang Clan

This past month, part of the Tang clan has passed through our house to get a first look at Zachary. Read More...

On to New Challenges

Last week, I knocked down two fears in one day. Read More...

New Projects

Now that the front of the house has some sense of horticultural balance, Dad and I have turned our attention to the desolate backyard. Read More...

A Special Day for Chang

Chang is not eating just an ordinary meal from his stainless steel bowl. He is eating a specially prepared birthday cake to celebrate his fourth birthday. Read More...