Last Days of Summer

The last days of summer are coming and going, and we're trying to squeeze in as much as we can before Dad goes back to school. Here we tasted the fine cuisine at the Beverly Center.
Yesterday, we went to Manhattan Beach for our church's annual beach day. Embarassingly, this is the first time we went to the beach all summer. Dad buried my legs in the sand, but I got out pretty easily. We also tried to save Noah's sand castle by building walls around it, but we learned a valuable life lesson yesterday--the ocean always wins.

Today we went to Kai's birthday party. They had lots of food, a jumper, a pinata, and a big Nemo cake. The cake was yummy, but I didn't eat much of it. I kept dropping it. One piece fell on my pants. Another one fell on Dad's big toe.
Dad tried to teach me another lesson tonight while I was taking my bath. By the end of our conversation, we figured out who was really teaching who.

Me: Zachary's happy, 'cos he's not crying.
Dad: Yeah, I think so.
Me: I cry sometimes.
Dad: Yeah, you do.
Me: I don't like it when water is on my face.
Dad: Well remember what we should do. Close your eyes. Wait for the water to stop. Wipe your face with your hands. Open your eyes. You don't have to cry. It's a piece of cake!
Me: (Confused look)
Dad: Piece of cake! You say that when something is easy.
Me: (Confused look)
Dad: What are some easy things?
Me: Bath
Dad: (Confused look)
Me: Mouth
Dad: No, I mean easy to do. Do you think jumping is easy to do?
Me: Yeah
Dad: So jumping is a piece of cake.
Me: No Dad, a piece of cake is on my pants.