Tang Clan

This past month, part of the Tang clan has passed through our house to get a first look at Zachary.
Zachary is the center of attention most of the time with everyone oohing and ahing over how small and how cute he is. I try to redirect the attention back to me by impressing everyone with my singing and dancing. Then I run around like a crazy wild child until my head is sopping wet with sweat. (I've recently learned that I've come from a long line of sweaters.)

Of course it's hard to compete against 'the cute one', So I'll just give the people what they want.

With Auntie Jenny or 'Tai Gu'
With Auntie Celia or 'Yi Gu'

We've also done some of the fun and usual summer time things such as go to the CA Science Center and have a picnic at the Rose Garden.

I'm also continuing my swimming lessons with Dad. A-Ma (Grandma) and Ye Ye (Grandpa) also came to cool off.