Oh My Boy

A commenter asked about a favorite phrase of mine, 'Oh my boy!'
As the image above suggests that I'm a collision of genetic material and environmental conditioning from both my parents, 'Oh My Boy' is a combination of two phrases--one from Dad and one from Mom.

'Oh My' comes from Mom. She says it mainly when she wants to communicate surprise at something that I said or did.
'Oi Boy' comes from Dad. He says that every time he lifts me out of the bath time. He says that I'm growing every day and thinks that I'll break his back in the near future.

So no, the phrase is not a reference to Zachary. Everything in our household does not revolve around him. It revolves around me. I use it whenever I have to use extraordinary strength to accomplish certain tasks such as pull myself up onto the sofa or carry my Lego box to my room.

Note: Fabulous picture taken by Seh Kim.