On to New Challenges

Last week, I knocked down two fears in one day.
So if you remember, one of the goals of this summer's swim lessons was to blow bubbles and put my head underwater. Dad was holding me in the pool and he accidently let my mouth dip below the water while I was talking, and voila, I blew a couple of bubbles. I also swallowed a mouthful of water too, but hey, bubbles came out of my mouth before water came back in. Ok, I admit, I still have blowing and sucking mixed up. I did, however, put my head underwater, and this time it was not a fluke.

Afterwards, I showered off with Dad. The chlorine and salt from the pool water can give you such dry skin.


So here I am, after drying off and changing, pondering about new challenges I must take on before the summer is over. Maybe, I'll jump into the pool or learn to float.