So another weekend another party. We celebrated Ingrid's birthday at a park in South Pasadena. It was a perfect day for an outdoor party. We ate chips and cookies and other delicious snacks. When it was time to sing 'happy birthday' and eat cake, we were surprised with our own birthday cupcakes.
I was thrown off a bit, because Dad had been drilling the order of events all morning. He said, "First we sing 'happy birthday', then we blow out the candles, then we cut the cake, and finally we eat the cake!" Cut the cake. Cut the cake. What happened to cut the cake? Note to self: Dad is not always right.

I shocked Mom today. For thirty [cough] years, she never realized that the melody for ABC and Twinkle Twinkle were the same. This ignorance appears to be common. I did an Internet search on it.

Finally, I guess it's a big news weekend. It's now confirmed that I have Chinese blood in me.

Chopsticks today. Spinning plates tomorrow.