A Day with Dad

Today Dad went to “school” with Mom and me. “School” is a parent education class that Mom and I go to on Mondays. It usually start out with some free time.
Then a circle time followed by a snack time. Mom then goes into a room and talks about parenting issues while I play again. Today, we also had an Easter Egg hunt. I don’t know what the fuss is about. They weren’t even real eggs. They’re plastic eggs with foam stickers inside. Dad hates the foam stickers.
Afterwards, we went to Whole Foods Market for lunch. Dad and I had fun singing the songs we learned in school.

After my nap, Mom, Dad and I went to the Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills to visit the Plaza de MesoAmerican Culture. There were lots of rocks there which I started to count, but since I can only count to two right now, it was taking a long time.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I think Dad will be taking me to the gym tomorrow.