Easter Weekend

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday, we went to visit my grandfather's grave site. Mom tells me that he was a hard-working man who loved God very much.
He worked two jobs in order to support the family, but always took time to take her and Uncle Peter on long drives through secret Griffith Park roads. Once in a while, Mom will tear up, because she misses her father. It helps that on special occasions, our family meets at the cemetery when we can spend some time remembering him.
The other day, Mom and Dad wanted to go shopping at Babies R Us, so I suggested to them that we should buy some clothes for Zachary, because all the clothes that I could give to him are pink, and he would look like a girl. Dad also took out the Pack 'N Play to get ready for when Zachary comes out of Mom's belly. I had fun playing inside. I don't remember it being so fun, when I use to sleep in it.