Save the World

If you've never watched the TV series Heroes, it's about a group of people who have mutated DNA that gives them special powers such as healing, hearing people's thoughts, and flying. I don't watch it myself. I can only watch Sesame Street, Arthur, Clifford, and Curious George. I watched a little bit of the the Doodle Bops, but that's another story.
So Dad thinks that I have the same special power as Charlie Andrews, the waitress who develops the ability to quickly memorize information. This is sometimes called having a photographic memory. Dad says I remember everything. Examples:

1. I keep on talking about how Poh Poh fell into the street while we were walking Chang. Something that happened 3 months ago!
2. I always remember where I left my blanket, Jam Pei.
3. I always remember to eat my yummy gummy vitamins.
4. I always remember to say 'please', 'thank you', and 'bless you'.
5. I always remember to put the toilet seat and cover down when Mom or Dad forget to.

So do I have superpowers? I don't think so. Dad and I agree to disagree.