Home Improvements [Update]

Dad has been working on the front sidewalk for about a year now. He started about by putting rocks at the foot of the elm tree in front of the house.
After about six months of getting used to how it looked, we put flagstone steps on about half of the dirt. In November, Dad put in the rest of the flagstone and filled in the spaces between the flagstone with 1/2 inch rocks. This week, Mom and Dad chose some pink and yellow ice plants at Lowes, and I helped Dad by telling him where to plant each plant and telling him that he was doing a "good job". I also helped by planting these four pink flowers.
Update (5/7/2007)
So Dad and I finished the sidewalk plant bed this weekend. Dad bought 4 bags of redwood mulch from Home Depot and spread it over the area. Dad wore gloves and grabbed handfuls to cover the areas between the ice plants. I used a garden spade to sprinkle mulch over the areas that Dad missed. It was hard work, but it was fun and it looks beautiful now. Dad's a little concerned, because he saw some birds try to eat the ice plants. I'm the designated bird shoo-er. I tell the birds to "go away" and "run away."