The Fox, the Chicken and the Eggs - solved

N: Dad, I’ve been thinking about the fox and the chicken and the eggs...
D: Oh really? What have you been thinking?
N: I think we should scare the fox.
D: Why scare the fox?
N: Scare it so it won’t eat the chicken or the eggs.
D: That’s an idea. You remember the rules of the puzzle, right? You can only bring one over at a time, and you can’t leave the fox alone with the chicken or the eggs.
N: I know that.
D: So last time we talked, you took the fox and then the chicken and then you took the fox back.
N: So the fox won’t eat the eggs.
D: How are you going to bring the eggs over if you keep bringing the fox back and forth?
N: Hey I know, we can leave the fox so that it comes over last.
D: You know what, Nadine? I think you got it.
N: Can we have a monster in our story now? That would be funny.