The Mini-Car

The mini-car is what I call the our Honda Accord.
It's the mini-car, because it is much smaller than the not-so-mini mini-van, our Honda Odyssey. When Dad bought the mini-van, he thought he could get at least get 24 mpg on it. Unfortunately, the best that we ever got on it was 21.45 mpg. That was on a trip to SF. On average it's about 14-15 mpg. A couple of months ago it was at a record low of 13.13 mpg. That's the kind of mileage you get for the Escalade. That was palatable when gas cost $2.50/gallon. Maybe $3. But when gas prices spiked to $4.50/gallon, Mom and Dad said enough is enough. We dusted off the min-car that was in dire need of a washing and ta-da, 28 mpg. Go green!