The Year in Review

Time to reflect on the last year.
January - The year began with Poh Poh living with us in the back house. It was fun to be able to go to the house whenever I wanted to watch TV with her or do puzzles with her or have her come over to play the piano madly.

February - This month ushered in the Year of the Pig. My Uncle Roland is a pig.

March - Among other things that I started to learn, I learned how to give my parents heart attacks by climbing up onto high places.

April - The verbal explosion began.

May - We had a wonderful birthday party to celebrate me turning two. Here was the slideshow from that wonderful day.

June - I enjoyed my last days as an only child.

July - Zachary finally came and it was nice, because he slept a first.

August - Lots of family visited. Aunts, uncles, and cousins visited to see Zachary. Yeh Yeh and Ah Ma visited for a while, too.

September - Dad returned to school so Mom had to carry both of us all by herself.

October - After the shade structure was built, we spent more time in the backyard. Here, I couldn't get out of my smock and made a terrible mess.

November - My hair finally grew long enough for pigtails.

December - Santa got me a button and a dress. Exactly what I asked for in my letter.