Halloween Festivities

The weekend was packed with candy, costumes, parades, and more candy.
I've been looking forward to Halloween for quite some time now. We got a whole bunch of books from the library about Halloween. My favorite is How Do You Know It's Halloween. It gives you clues about how to tell if it's Halloween or not, like jack-o-lanterns, witches flying on brooms and trick or treat bags. Everything I know about Halloween, I learned from that book.

Weeks before Halloween, I was very excited about wearing my costume, so when Zachary had his 4 month checkup, I asked Mom if I could see Dr. Wormley in my doctor costume. I checked her heartbeat and thank the Lord -- she's alive.

Last Friday, the merchants on Glendale Blvd held the Treat-or-Treat on the Boulevard. Behind me is Ingrid. If you can't tell, she was dressed as a kitty cat. I got a bag full of candy in my doctor's bag. The only thing I've eaten from it is a little bag of pumpkin and bat pretzels. My candy is too precious to eat. Of course, every morning I wake up, I find less and less candy. There must be a hole in my candy bag.


On Saturday, we went to Descanso Gardens for the Pumpkin Palooza. We paraded around the gardens in our costumes, rode the train, petted some farm animals, and rode on some tractors. I met some other doctors there, too. We networked.


So I'm all pooped out from the weekend. What am I doing tonight? I don't know. I'll see if I can drag Mom or Dad out with me to get some more precious candy.