The Hills are on Fire

A fire started this afternoon in Griffiths Park. Dad saw the flames on the hills off the freeway when he drove home from work today.
It started about 1:30 today, it kind of died down at the late afternoon, but right before the sun set, the wind changed directions and the fire started again. The wind actually started blowing towards our house and the air was full of smoke. It was hard to breathe for about half an hour. Currently the fire is threatening homes near the park. Our home is not threatened but it's pretty close. Check this map out.
Here's a picture of the fire from our back house deck at about 10:00 pm.
On another note, there has been some serious debate as to whether I drew rainbow or a ribbon on the kitchen floor. I know what I saw. I know what I drew. I drew a rainbow. Please note in the video below that when Mom asks me about the rainbow, I confess that I was the one who drew it.