Frosty the Snowman

...was a jolly happy soul...
On a mild January morning in sunny Southern California, the temperature was nearing 70 and not a patch of snow was to be found in the Angeles Crest Mountains. We drove further and further up until we came up to 7,000 ft above sea level. There on the south side of the peaks, we found pure white frozen ice. That's where we decided to stop and build a snowman.


Dad took out the tire iron from the van and started to beat it until it resembled fluffy snow. We gathered the icy slush into mounds and stuck pretzel sticks for his arms, two prunes for his eyes, a carrot for his nose, and three cheese sandwich crackers for his buttons. (Yum, some of my favorite snacks). Mom topped him off with some pine needles for a mouth and a pine cone for a hat.
It's quite sad. As we left, we said good-bye to Frosty know thing that he would soon melt away. (or some kid would come the next day and kick it over) We'll be back again some day. Thumpety thump thump...

Sorry about the lack of updates this past month. A lot of things have happened to make life a lot busier. I've started school and so has Dad. He's been sick several times, too. I'll fill you in with new blog entries the next couple of weeks.