Summer Update

People are constantly asking me what I think about Zachary, my new little brother.
Well he's definitely changed the dynamic of our family. There are days when we don't even step out of the house. Above is a picture of me at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Yes, in the AFTERNOON and I'm still in my pajamas.

Of course, it's been tough dealing with emotions that I don't have words for. At times I feel that the only way that I can compete with Zachary's crying is to cry myself. Mom and Dad encourage me to use my words. There's just so much that I can explain when the only words I can say is that I'm sad. When Mom and Dad aren't watching, I wrestle with Zachary and make him say 'Uncle'.

On happier notes, Dad is giving me swim lessons. The last two Fridays, Mom, Dad, Zachary and I have gone swimming in the Hwang's pool. I haven't blown any bubbles or put my face under water yet, but I have the entire summer.