Happy Mother's Day

I love my Mom. She is doing great. Despite battling a myriad of physical infirmities these past eight months,
she has gutted through them and still had time to take me and Chang for a walk everyday, take me to Parent Ed classes, playgroup, and Art classes, feed me, read to me, play with play doh with me, do puzzles with me, teach me how to change diapers, teach me how to fold burp cloths, find my jam pei and most importantly, poh poh me when every I ask really nice.
For Mother's Day, Mom, Dad, Uncle Peter, Poh Poh and I went out to Soup Plantation for dinner. It's the one place where I can have raisins, peas, mac n' cheese, chicken soup, muffins, and ice cream all in the same meal. Poh Poh also like the salads, especially the beets. I also got Mom a digital clock/thermometer/photo frame that has tons of pictures of me on it that says "Happy Mother's Day 2007."