Ghetto House

It all started when Dad bought a small chest freezer for Zachary's milk.
As the cardboard box that it came in sat in our living room, Dad thought it would be fun to cut a few holes in it and play with it for a few days. Mom then put a red curtain in the doorway, and I put a welcome home sign for Zachary.

After the dust settled from Zachary's arrival, Dad thought it was about time to get rid of the eye sore. It was lowering the property value for the entire neighborhood. Mom circulated a petition to save the historic landmark. Mom, Chang and I all signed it. So it stayed.

One day when Beth was over, she thouht the house needed an addition, so instead of breaking down a target box for recycling, she taped it to the side of the house so that it could be another means of egress. Chang could also use it. Dad sometimes tries to crawl in, too.

I'm the one who uses it the most, because it fits me perfectly.
This week, our printer went dead so Dad ordered a new printer. It's the Brother HL-2070N from You just plug it into your router and any computer on your network can use it. Dad got it for less than $100 shipped. He's very happy with the purchase. So instead of recycling the box, Dad thought it would be a good idea to build a bay window for the house.

The new addition is the bomb. It practically doubled the square footage of the house. Dad and I play cards and have meals through the window now.

If anyone is in the neighborhood, please drop buy and I'll give you a tour.