First Summer Project

This is not a picture of Dad's latest project
It's actually a picture of a couple of projects. The first one was the shelf that you see against the wall. It was built before I was born. Its purpose was to house all the craft, scrapbooking, and decoration supplies that Mom had accumulated. You see before I came to inhabit this room, my room was Mom's craft room. (Actually, it was also Mom's room)

The second project was the changing table in the foreground. It was a modular piece that Dad designed to slide right into the support system of the existing shelf. The thought was that once I didn't need a changing table (i.e. was potty trained), Dad would take it down. Well I'm still in diapers, but Dad couldn't wait any longer, and he's been thinking about adding a new shelf to the existent shelf for months now. And since it's summer, and that's what Dad does, he built it today.

It's a shelf to hold my books. It's big enough to hold my books and low enough so that I can get the books myself. Zachary can even reach it (unfortunately). The best part -- total cost was $8.71. Most of the materials were reused from the changing table module -- even the screws.