Dance Class

We stretch for ballet, but I like tapping the best...
Put me in front of a mirror with some music on and I will not even know you are in the room. This happens every dance class. We started with some tapping practice on the bars. Shuffle-step, shuffle-step, shuffle-step. Then shuffle-tap, shuffle-tap, shuffle-tap. I like to make up my own steps like shuffle-hop-step. I get bored.
We work on a routine called Teddy Bears on Parade. It’s about cute cuddly teddy bears who march and tap and salute. I’d show you a video, but I don’t think we’re quite ready. The recital will be in September. After the tapping portion, we move on to ballet. We do a lot of stretching and practicing our positions. Then we do some jazz. During jazz, we get to do solos. My solo is to do a couple of pirouettes. At the end, my teacher Jennifer gives us a hug and a sticker.
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