The Fox, the Chicken and the Eggs

D: How are you going to bring them all over if you can only bring over one at a time?
N: First, I would bring the fox over.
D: That’s a good start. What would you bring over next?
N: Then I would bring the chicken over.
D: That makes sense. What would you do next?
N: Then I would go back and bring the eggs.
D: But then you left the fox alone with the chicken. The fox will eat the chicken.
N: Too bad [laughter].
D: Really, we don’t want the chicken to get eaten. What should you do next?
N: Maybe we should bring the fox back?
D: Yeah, that way the fox won’t be able to eat the chicken. Then what?
N: Then bring the fox over?
D: Are you going to leave the fox alone with the chicken again?
N: I can have Zachary stay on the other side. That way the chicken can be safe.
D: But you’re all by yourself. No one can help you.
N: How about putting a bigger log there?
D: There are no other trees around.
N: You can grow one, Dad.
D: That will take too long. It takes a lot of years to grow a big tree.
N: We just need a little one. You can make it.
D: I don’t think that will work.
N: Then we’ll have a monster come and eat them all up. Dad, I’m tired of talking about this.
D: Ok, you keep on thinking about it.