Zachary is ...

Mom and Dad went to the hospital on Tuesday...
Zachary was breeched. That means that his head is faced up in Mom's uterus when it should be facing down. So Mom went through a procedure called an external version. Basically two doctors oiled up Mom's belly and pushed the baby around from the outside. Dad was right there when it happened. He said it took 30 seconds. He thought he could probably have done it himself. We went home a half hour later. Mom and Zachary are doing great.

So the next day, I got to go to the hospital with Mom and Beth. I had my two year checkup. The doctor said that I was doing very well. She was surprised that I knew all my primary colors AND my secondary colors. I don't know what she means by secondary colors, but I know that I know my colors. She asked me to count to 10, but I clammed up. I also clammed up when she asked me to open my mouth. I was disappointed, because Mom and I were practicing for months.

After my checkup, Mom had a follow up appointment for Zachary's external version procedure. They put all these wires on her and I could hear Zachary's heart beating and even heard him moving around. Here you can see a picture of Mom's vitals and Zachary's heart beat.