Countdown begins

As you can see from the countdown banner at the bottom of my blog pages, we have a week to go until Zachary's due date.
Our house is in full preparation mode to get ready for Zachary. We made all the arrangements to make sure that someone would be able to watch me if Mom goes into labor. We washed and folded all of Zachary tiny clothes, moved Zachary's bed into Mom and Dad's room, and bought a whole bunch of diapers (Zachary's going to poop a lot).
Last week, i went to the hospital with Mommy and got to see Zachary inside Mom's belly. I was entranced by the images of Zachary's heart beating. It was much better than watching Sesame Street.

Mom and Dad are thinking that Zachary will come in the next couple of days. They went out and watched Spiderman 3 last night, and after 3 hours of sitting, Mom started feeling tightness in her belly. The tightness went away, but they would come and go the rest of the evening. This morning, they were still there. They're getting mentally prepared.