The Music in My Mind

I really do love to sing
Dad thinks that there is a running musical soundtrack that goes through my head day and night. He says that because he's watched me shake and bob my head in absolute silence as if there was a concert going on. I've wanted to respond to him by asking him whether he hears the music, too. I don't think he'd understand.

N: Let me take a picture of you singing your song
D: Hmm.. I don't...My songs are not as fun as your songs.
N: Dad... you sing your songs? Let me take a picture of myself?
D: Take a picture of YOURSELF?
N: Yeah
M: Nadine. I'm going to scoot you up. You're kind of far.
N: Dad. Can I take a picture of myself?
D: Can I just do a video of you, cos it's so fun to watch you?
N: No, but you're drink is gone.
D: I know. Should I get some more?
N: Yeah.
D: Yeah. Can we sing a song about my drink?
N: No... Nnnn ..Yeah. You sing about your drink?
D: Here I'll start it off. My drink is empty...
N: La la la la Everyone has a drink
But they drink it all
That's what they do cos they have a mouth
and they have ehh..ears
and they have eyes
and they have arms
and they have legs
and they have cameras
and they have hands
ah wa loo they have them hoo
hoo they have them too